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Đang hiển thị bài đăng từ tháng ba, 2019

[ICO REVIEW] DataBloc - BigData combined with Blockchain: The world's first decentralized platform combining Big Data and machine learning, building on central computer Blockchain

Have you ever thought about owning your own data? What if you were not the owner of your own data, but a "different person"? In this article, you will dive into the issues and solutions for data rights infringement rights with a promising project - DataBloc 

I. Basic information 


II. Token data

III. What is DataBloc?

DataBloc is a platform that allows Big data and learning machines to be supported by a centrally calculated blockchain with their own token (token STONE). This project serves a data transaction platform for users who want to sell data in the simplest way. Big data and machine learning calculations will be applied to promote easier and flexible data usage.

The platform aims to …