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[ICO REVIEW] DataBloc - BigData combined with Blockchain: The world's first decentralized platform combining Big Data and machine learning, building on central computer Blockchain

Have you ever thought about owning your own data? What if you were not the owner of your own data, but a "different person"? In this article, you will dive into the issues and solutions for data rights infringement rights with a promising project - DataBloc 

I. Basic information 


II. Token data

III. What is DataBloc?

DataBloc is a platform that allows Big data and learning machines to be supported by a centrally calculated blockchain with their own token (token STONE). This project serves a data transaction platform for users who want to sell data in the simplest way. Big data and machine learning calculations will be applied to promote easier and flexible data usage.

The platform aims to provide end users with not only the platform for data exchange but also the business analytics platform to process data, support business details. Along with that, the design of the platform is also to solve the calculation of big data in a decentralized environment by applying blockchain to store data and calculate. Therefore, DataBloc will change the basic meaning of the Internet, and big data.

IV. What does the construction structure of DataBloc include?

The entire system is designed as a platform to provide computing and big data related services with the support of decentralized data that can be owned by any trading company. This platform will connect personal computers, specially designed mining machines, making it easier to calculate data and at a lower cost. With a unique string architecture design and a number of major improvements, DataBloc provides a comprehensive solution for running machine learning and smart enterprise algorithms on large data and keeping data private with security.

V. Ideas of DataBloc

DataBloc with a large centralized data and machine network, supported by a centralized computing blockchain with four major improvements:

1. A new decentralized computing framework to introduce data verification and calculation

DataBloc provides large and decentralized computer learning data with the support of decentralized data storage. This project needs support from string-on-chain structure, master chain management, storage chain and computational sequence, to achieve consensus and provide incentive mechanisms in byzantine structure.

Hadoop - a big data platform has been proven to be our computing tool, it acts as a tool to track jobs, track tasks and communicate with each other using a series of calculations to synchronize running jobs. With two consensus, provisional game validation mechanisms and Computing Data (PDC), this node can provide rewards for notes that provide computational power.

2. String design in series based on a master string and two side strings.

"String-in-string" solves storage and computational problems. Inspired by Hadoop, DataBloc is said to stand on the shoulders of giants

The string-on-string architecture consists of a master string and two side strings for calculating and storing respectively. The three chains are equipped with two unique characteristics: 1, master structure and side chain, functional chain division, in which, the flexible thread chain and two flexible side chains address scalability issues High throughput and latency of blockchain.

  • Chain master: store asset information such as status, transactions, receipts and contracts. The string-on-string architecture consists of two side strings, including data series and computational strings.
  • The data series is built on P2P file storage systems and stores non-property data. While the Computational Chain is supposed to support specific computational tasks.
3. Facilitate large data and machine learning when combining Hadoop with DataBloc

Hadoop is an industry that has proven large data platforms including HDFS for file storage, job planning and a collection of tools for running distributed jobs. As a centralized system, the platform needs coordinators to schedule tasks. DataBloc is designed to move the Hadoop ecosystem into a decentralized environment.

4. Flexible and powerful DataBloc-based system architecture, specifically designed to support most business data exchange and data analysis requirements.

Master Chain is similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, it stores ledger and asset information such as state, transaction and smart contracts. Master Chain is used to store small pieces of information because it is immutable.

With smart contracts that surpass the master chain and side chains, the entire system can keep costs low on the host chain, as well as calculate high efficiency and store data on side chains.

5. Consensus protocol

DataBloc is designed to improve Providence Data Possession (PDP) protocol and is suitable for decentralized environments. A PoSt system must be complete and secure, if any honest P stores a copy of F, it can always create valid evidence and convince the verifier V.

Proof of chain

Even when offline, prover people can demonstrate capacity, as it can provide evidence of continuous time storage that does not often require verification. Chain of proof is a verifiable data structure that series of challenges and proofs.

VI. Roamap


The outstanding features of DataBloc are chain-on-chain design, storage, calculation with consensus protocols and incentive mechanisms. DataBloc is learning more about Proof of Useful Work, Proof of Storage and Proof of Computing programs on its platform to address the downsides of recent big data. DataBloc has eliminated Big Data issues, the original issue is high cost and mandatory for data storage services; the second is difficulty in collecting data sources for small organizations; the third is to distribute unfair profit from data and last but not least, to solve security and privacy issues.

With DataBloc, the data will not belong to organizations, nor is it centrally managed in the company's database. The data will belong to each individual, represented as a token or coin on the identity block. Clearly, DataBloc is not a new idea, but is still a promising project in practice.

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